Vacating Your Property

Please download the Vacate Notice Form and email or deliver it to us at:
Post: Suite 3 & 4 /68 Sir John Young Crescent, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Vacate Notice Form

To ensure a smooth transition and to expedite the bond refund process, we kindly recommend ensuring the property is handed over in a clean and presentable state. For your convenience, we are happy to provide recommendations for cleaning services. Please contact our team for their contact details.

To further assist you, we have outlined below a comprehensive checklist to guide you through the vacating process. These items serve as a reference based on the property’s original condition report. Please feel free to request a copy if needed.

General Property:

  • Windows: Clean and streak-free
  • Walls: Free of all marks
  • Carpets: Clean and free of any stains/marks
  • Curtains: Washed and hung in original position
  • Blinds: Dust-free and clean of any marks
  • Personal Property: No belongings left behind
  • Light Fittings: Working, clean, and dust-free
  • All Vents: Clean and dust-free


  • Stove: Clean and free of any grease
  • Extractor Fan/Range hood: Clean and free of any grease
  • Kitchen Cupboards: Cleaned internally and externally
  • Tiles/Splashback/Bench Tops: Clean and grease-free
  • Any appliances: Thoroughly cleaned inside and out


  • Mould: Removed from all surfaces
  • Vanity/Basin: Cleaned inside and out
  • Toilet: Thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • Bath: Thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • Shower: Thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • Exhaust Fans: Thoroughly cleaned inside and dust-free

Furnished Properties:

  • Cutlery & Kitchen items: Thoroughly cleaned
  • All furnishings: Thoroughly cleaned
  • All Appliances: Thoroughly cleaned
  • Linen & Bedding: Thoroughly cleaned

Please ensure that electricity remains connected for the vacating inspection to be carried out efficiently. After the inspection, should there be any outstanding items, you will be granted 24 hours to address them before our office dispatches the respective contractor, at your expense.

As always, should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team.