Lana Males

About Lana:

Lana Males brings a unique blend of diplomatic expertise and a passion for property to her role as a Property Manager at Lifestyle Property Agency. With experience in the real estate industry and a background in international relations, Lana's approach is characterised by effective communication, a strong work ethic, and a dedication to achieving the best outcomes for her clients.

Professional Background:

Lana's journey in real estate began after working for Service NSW, where she transitioned into property management and sales support roles. Drawing from her family's background in real estate agency ownership in Europe and Russia, Lana brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to her current position. Her decision to join Lifestyle Property Agency was motivated by its alignment with her professional goals and values, seeking a dynamic environment where she can utilise her skills and expertise to excel in property management.


Lana specialises in establishing strong relationships with both landlords and tenants, leveraging her skill set to navigate complex situations effectively. Her goal-oriented, detail-oriented approach ensures that she delivers exceptional service to her clients, striving for excellence in every aspect of her work.

Philosophy and Approach:

Lana's approach to real estate is grounded in adherence to legislation and a commitment to building meaningful relationships with clients. She believes in open communication and transparency, fostering trust and cooperation between all parties involved. Lana's philosophy revolves around the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of both property owners and tenants, ensuring a harmonious and mutually beneficial partnership.


In addition to her expertise in tenant and landlord relations, Lana excels in managing various challenges and situations that arise in property management. Her diplomatic background equips her with the skills to navigate conflicts and negotiations effectively, achieving favorable outcomes for her clients.

Personal Touch:

What Lana loves most about her role in real estate is the opportunity for communication, the fast-paced nature of the industry, and the chance to experience something new every day. Outside of work, Lana enjoys spending time with her family, participating in sports, and getting outdoors.

Future Goals:

Looking ahead, Lana's aspirations involve continued growth and evolution, both personally and professionally. She plans to further develop her skills, expand her knowledge base, and contribute to the success and growth of Lifestyle Property Agency. Through ongoing learning and development, Lana is committed to providing exceptional service and support to her clients, ensuring their continued satisfaction and success.


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